Récolte d'amour

Minted on Dec 27, 2021

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Title: Récolte d'amour (2021)
Contemporary Still Life Photography.

Artist: Toni Payne

It’s been a while since I saw you
It never changed the way I adore you
True love in its prime
Seems like the one real crime
One offense too many
Made wishes plenty
I wished you could see my heart
But we were a world apart
I wished you could understand
My inability to stop loving you
One wish I'd like to have
Is to lay right next to you
No need to touch
Our souls feel so much
No need to kiss
It's your presence I've missed
No need to make love
Because this is true love
Every day, in every way, you remain constant
You are my everything
A new dawn awaits
As I sit at the gates
Basking in a fresh start
Because this time we will not part
The reason being
And it is all I am seeing
We are a true definition
Of a love to be continued

  • Toni Payne


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