Somnium ~ 1 of 1

Whenever I ignite a spark
I turn stress into art
At times when I feel that I fall apart
I look inside my heart
And try to find out how to make a new start

It’s easy said than done
But in the long line there will be a champion that has won
We’ve seen it in movies, books, and history
That whenever the solution is shrouded in mystery
You do whatever it takes to claim victory

As they say that hard work pays off
The more put in, the more you get out of it
But what defines “more”?
If you only put some into it
All you’ll receive is just a bit
There’s no exception for that and certainly no option to quit

So I leave you with this
Whenever you’re at a time of failure
There’s no time to reminisce
Stop what you’re doing and think of a plan
Take a deep breath and press restart
And turn stress into art.

~My artwork is an expression of my deepest feelings. My highs and my lows, my victories and my losses. To me, my artwork is more than a collectable - Its a part of myself.