Crypto Toys #1 - Ascension

Minted on Sep 2, 2021
Created by


Ascension - the first NFT in the Crypto Toys collection focuses on the switch from traditional to crypto state of mind, freeing yourself from the limitation of traditional physical art and allowing your artistic spirit to ascend into the Metaverse.

Digital artifacts that live online providing us an alternative to our current economic systems of cross-cultural art exchange utilizing art, tech, music, and animation - all linked to a single decentralized cryptoart token.

The Crypto Toys collection of NFTs will focus on this concept - our shift from traditional art into its Metaverse form to visually express both art’s separation from its physicality and its simplification by digital consumption.

September 2021 - 6000 x 6000px

** 6000 x 6000px high-resolution file will be sent to the NFT owner for display on large screens or print.