Minted on Dec 9, 2021
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This work is currently exhibited in a large exhibition (Israeli art 2021).
The ghosts that are seen in the images, semi-transparent silhouettes of people, show behind them only the ruins that remain. They represent the “transparent” feeling shared by many people in the outskirts of our society. Casted aside by the mainstream, the path to crime and self-destruction is not long.
The use of these types of housing vs. other forms of care for children at risk is still a debatable issue.

We are a photography artists team called “SKETCHLIGHT”.
We create a certain type of photography that requires a team to work together before and during each exposure of the camera to achieve our surreal results directly in-camera.
With our light painting photography technique, all images are created in real time, captured to the camera in one single photographic frame, without photoshop intervention.


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