The DeFounder - A Monument to Vitalik Buterin

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In the future, monuments are no longer constructed - they're minted.

Within the intense cold stare of Vitalik Buterin, across the glossed nebulae threshold of frosted blues and ashen grays, there exists an endless vision of our days beyond the present. A gloaming of informational exchanges that you nor I can bear witness to.

Spacetime collapses into multilayer blockchains within the silken matter of his brain, where life is measured in algorithmic bursts of knowledge fed through the tethers of an infinite number of staked synapses and motor function validators.

Through the portals of his pupils, we glimpse his mad, genius mind, like primates cowering in the presence of a miles-high thunderhead, bound by jagged, skeletal arms of lightning.

In the blink of a kilobyte, we're cut off from the visage of informational purity, yet through the living eyes of this monument, we stare intently into infinity, at the digital revolution to come.

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