Weightless Red Edition (1/1)

Minted on Mar 23, 2022


Weightless forms the centerpiece for a new body of work by the artist Myneandyours. It follows his continuing narrative of his iconic cloud and its relationship with us, represented here by the elegance and grace of a female protagonist. She is lifted by the energy of the air that surrounds her. It is her beautiful connection to nature, symbolic of mankind, and in turn her reconnection to what nature has given her in the form of a cloud. One protects the other.

There is only one NFT minted of this colour way, and the owner will also receive a very special physical 9 color screen print of the artwork, numbered 1/1, embossed with a cloud and signed by the artist. It is printed on 310gsm Somerset Satin Paper and hand deckled. The owner will also receive a physical certificate of authenticity with the print. The NFT is the animated version of the screen print which is the artists first time releasing physical artwork alongside an animated version.