Soul Circle

Minted on Dec 8, 2021
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When reached this Onion Seeds field, it felt like a place from another world
Its seems so divine to me, like taken out of fantasy book, where the gods seed and grow our souls

on my prev. visit i captured this field with the Milky way in the background (my "soul plantation" NFT), but I felt something can be done differently, that using "star trail" technique will resonate with the seeds better

That why I created soul circle, how both everything is connected, beginning and ending all start and stop at the same point of the circle, of life

The collector of this NFTS will be granted free NFT -close up of onion seed plant as can seen on my twitter

All rights (CC0 license) will be released to the world after the NFT is purchased.
The artist, Nir Shribman hereby grants a worldwide copyright license to download, distribute, and use as wished without prior permission required from the artist or NFT owner.

The license takes effect once the NFT has sold and not before.