#Metareally: History Vertigo

Minted on Jul 16, 2021
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#Metareally Series - History Vertigo

This photo was taken in IG-Farben Building. A building with a dark history. Firstly designed as an administrative building, it was used by IG-Farben Conglomerate (chemical industries, which produced Zyklon B for Nazi Camps). Later, after WWII it was the headquarter by US Army’s V Corps and CIA in Germany. In 2010ies it became central Campus of Frankfurt University.
And the Sun keeps shining, whatever happens…
But we shall not forget the history.


Every episode of Metareally Series consists of the following parts:

  • Digital work, photography as a media file (4608x3072)
  • Description of this work in the CryptoMERZ (follow the link below).
  • Print of this photo, which you can hold in your hands, hang on your wall, or just contemplate the materiality of metareality (32.5x33 cm).

More: https://medium.com/cryptomerz/metareally-history-vertigo-74c1259506bd

The next Part of Metareally will be revealed after the current piece is collected.