Same Storm, Different Boats

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We've all been this Ant, sailing in a vast ocean, not knowing if we will make it.

Context for the shot - This ocean, is actually my old garden bird bath which was sat underneath a blossom tree. The Ants would scale the bird bath and grab the bird seed to bring back to the colony. I was topping up the feeder when I noticed this one Ant was stranded on a petal, sailing in the bird bath. It took hundreds of shots to get the Ant in the correct space. I rescued the Ant after.

This shot went viral, and was stolen around the world, I never received any payments from the copyright infringements.

I've decided to make this a Creative Commons 0 Licence NFT on Foundation. All rights to everyone once purchased.

All rights will be released to the world after the NFT is purchased.
I, Matt Doogue grants a worldwide copyright license to download, distribute, and use as wished without any permission needed from the artist or NFT owner.
The licence takes effect once the NFT has sold and not before.