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I'm a sucker for a hidden meaning. I love art which gives you a teasing hint of a message within but doesn't give too much away. Sometimes that message is totally lost until one day you randomly glance at the vision in front of you and you find the key that gives you the artist's intended perspective. For me art that achieves this is a hedonistic combo of intelligence and mystery which I aspire to achieve in my own work (as always I am a work in progress). It invites the viewer to use their own creativity to fill in the gaps in any narrative. An unconscious collaboration maybe? Of course this may not result in an artists's intended outcome (if they had one in the first place) but it makes the allure to connect with the art more appealing. It potentially reinvents the artwork into something new. We are always searching for meaning in things and unconscious flow of thought is is a rich vein to tap into, full of the hidden creative bounty ready to be found.



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