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I thought I would mint something different from my doodles and showcase my new passion for collage using my new obsession which is GAN art. GAN art is really addictive and the results can be hugely rewarding. The artists like me that indulge it now realise that the next stage of this growing revolution is taking these amazing images to a new stage (reclaiming them from the AI) and for me that is through collage. There is an obvious influence here from the Beatles Yellow Submarine film and some people have mentioned it reminds them of the cover of Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. I just love how the figures and faces and monsters and robots interact. And I also love the Blue House at the bottom which stood out from the melee of images around it as if it were something of reverence.

If you want to have a go with I suggest you play around with the words in an abstract way, surreal phrases seem to work really well. And it loves the word goddess, who wouldn't!



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