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When I started creating large-scale doodle artworks they were usually black pen on white paper. This was my default colour choice for a long time. Then I discovered Leake Street under Waterloo Station in London, the site of Banksy's Cans Festival in 2008. Leake Street is a legal graffiti site where artists paint epic murals that usually only last for about a day.

Importantly the spray can with its fast pace opened up a whole new colour range for me as it covers pretty much any other colour beneath it. The background and the lined imagery became a rainbow menu of potential and I got to play with colour on a scale I never would have dreamed of. One of my favourite colour duo combos is red and black as seen here. There is a joyous minimalism in duo colour combos, a clarity that gives it a more definition. I find simple colour combos are aesthetically pleasing on my psyche's experience of the art. Of course this use of colour potential is even more accessible via digital art.



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