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I have started to work more and more on epic intricate "megadoodles", a much deeper experience to their more light-hearted visual cousins. It is no small undertaking but definitely worth the effort. What starts as a few simple shapes soon becomes a vast symbolic network of images all interlocking with colour and vibration, almost as if it were seeking with gusto the final moment when the job is done. I must admit there is a point in these megadoodle artworks where I have to push through a spiritual barrier as it doesn't reveal itself easily and there is often times when I try and take the wheel and impose will over the process. Never a good idea! But I reboot and allow The Creative Gods to patiently prove they as always know exactly what they are doing. I just have to be patient and enjoy the moment. That is why I called this THE BUTTERFLY SPIRIT as I don't think for one second a caterpillar imposes any semblance of will on the process of becoming a butterfly. It just becomes.



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