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Out with the old, in with the new. The evolution of creative process is as it happens, or putting it more succinctly the journey is the destination. Whenever I do any artwork, wether it be doodles or abstract paintings, that artwork is the New Dynasty (hence the title of this piece). Short lived for sure but what a wonderful affirmation when the work is completed and you see the fruits of the labour. That for me is the real joy of being an artist, creating these vibrant dynasties that are an evolutionary expression of your growth as a creative.

The Creative Gods love it when you love your art and they are soon plotting the next adventure. The treasure lies within and a New Dynasty is always somewhere close by, waiting and willing for you to find it but The Creative Gods never make it too easy to find. That way there is a satisfaction once labour is done, like steeping into Oz for the first time and each time experiencing the wow of New Dynasty technicolour in all its amazingness.



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