Beauty in DeFi - The Dip

Minted on Jul 18, 2021
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How much control do we really have over our lives? As much as we try to take charge, it is in the uncertainty of life, we find the beauty of being human and embracing whatever our fate holds. This philosophy has been adopted by many crypto traders who have realized that there is only so much that you can predict and forecast, the rest lays beyond control. It is this thrill and the risk of the unknown that keeps them going, as they hold on to the hope that one day their crypto will take them to the moon.

This artwork is a depiction of one’s acceptance of the unpredictability that lays with crypto-trading and life itself. The oeuvre portrays a woman who has come to terms with her life’s uncertainties. As we see her fall, we cannot help but wonder: are we ready to take the plunge?

Beauty in Diversity and DeFi !