Flowers for My Favorite Poet

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The Inspiration:

This piece was born from a Rattlecast prompt to write a poem about a favorite poet. While reflecting on this prompt, my mind drifted off to St. James Park in London. Writing it allowed me to celebrate those poets that have a difficult time releasing their words into the world.

The Poem:

This piece is composed in the form of an American sonnet—a fourteen line poem with a rapid progression of theme in the last two lines. I hope it encourages poets to share their poems instead of throwing them away.

The Photograph:

I shot the background image of fallen leaves while strolling in St. James Park, the day after speaking at the NFT NYC conference.

The Narration:

While this piece includes my narration, it is also recommended to mute my voice and speak the words yourself. To do so is to embody this poem.

The Physical:

Every Flower Poem includes a signed physical print for the original patron/collector.