Jeff Bezos’ Furry Secret

Minted on Aug 2, 2022


Note to gentle readers, this is a twisted love triangle that involves Elon Musk (who will soon be revealed as “Chi Chi Sparklemaster”), Furries, Drones, Snakes, and Birds.

It’s a cool night with a gentle breeze. Come, come, sit down by the fireplace, my gentle audience. Allow me to tell you a tale of the ages.

Our tale begins with a woman that was secretly married to a bird that had an unusual “kink” where the bird would poop into her mouth. Everything was fine until the snakes got involved. Don’t worry, we’ll get to the Jeff & Elon bit in a minute. First, we need to build up the universe.

Okay so there is a classic Disney romance happening. Boy meets girl. Boy has a snake coiled around his arm, as does the girl. Girl has a secret marriage with a bird. The boy also has a bird. The bird is not a metaphor for Twitter, so get that out of your head.

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Auction winner also gets the concept sketch for this artwork.