Commercial Rights to Human

Minted on Sep 18, 2022
Created by


2527 x 3790 jpeg, self-portrait.

Inspired by the arguments in the Crypto space about the ambiguity and confusion around NFT licensing;

building on the body of my work where, in a performative, experimental way and often involving risk, I place myself with open-ended outcomes as an instrument for fostering discussion on relevant societal themes;

and taking the opportunity granted by the September 2022 release of the "Can't Be Evil" NFT templates based on the Creative Commons,

I decided to make a self-portrait, mint my own image in the Ethereum blockchain and grant the owner of the respective NFT the CBE-NECR copyright license : "Non-Exclusive Commercial Rights (Creator Retains Exploitation Rights)", meaning:

the holder of the NFT has full rights to copy, display, distribute, modifiy, adapt and commercially use this image of my body, while I retain the same rights and any buyer of this NFT, at any time, agrees to have read and automatically accepts these terms:

Full license terms available in the URL (arweave) : https://arweave.net/_D9kN1WrNWbCq55BSAGRbTB4bS3v8QAPTYmBThSbX3A/2