Solomon's Knot X Hagia

Minted on Sep 12, 2021
Created by


Our piece was inspired by a global common motif,
which we can see from the Middle East to Europe, from Central Asian rugs to African crowns.

You can see landscape interpretations in our piece.

This landscape texture represents the uniqueness of every story about Solomon’s Knot and its universality.

An Ethiopian legend tells that King Solomon, the ancient Hebrew king, known for his infinite wisdom, wore a magical ring that bore the symbol of the knot, engraved by God, which served as the most powerful device for subduing demons.

Also, the knot symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, and occult power.

Or, Akan people of West Africa stamped the knot on their sacred Adinkra cloth. In the Adinkra symbol system, Solomon’s Knot is interpreted as meaning “one being bad makes all appear to be bad”.

Historically, knot was used by many civilizations, empires, and people; now it’s time to be sent and re-affirmed in the Metaverse.

Special thanks to team Wonders for their support !