Ancient Pergamon X Hagia

Minted on Sep 11, 2021
Created by


Visual: Fox Naif, Hagia, Janok
Audio: Hagia

Our piece is inspired by the ancient city Pergamon and Asclepeions.
There are snake interpretations in our piece because

The first example of the symbol of medicine, snake entwined caduceus, was founded in Asclepion in Pergamon, today Izmir.

Pergamon is located in the Aegean and was an important city in the ancient world.

Asclepion, a healing temple dedicated to Asclepius(doctor-demigod in Greek mythology), was built in Pergamon 4th century BC.
Marcus Aurelius was cured in Pergamon.

A patient was rejected from Asklepion because it was understood he was poisoned. As walking through the sacred path of Asklepion, he fell down and saw 2 snakes.

The two snakes were at the top of a bowl of milk, they poured their poisons into the milk.

After a while, the man got up and was healed. Thus, the first antidote was found. From that moment, the symbol of medicine has had two snakes on it.

This piece is dedicated to health workers!