Minted on Nov 22, 2021
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This NFT auction is part of the #Gifted140 charity event being led by Sotheby’s, Sostento and the Twitter Besties. Proceeds from the sale of this piece will go towards fulfilling Sostento’s mission of helping frontline healthcare heroes save lives. The donation will be made in cryptocurrency with the support of The Giving Block.

To learn more about the charity event and sale of the Twitter 140 Collection NFTs, visit Sotheby’s Metaverse page at https://metaverse.sothebys.com/

Tate, which means shield, represents the unending hardship the heroes face as they battle with the disease and the various struggles they face. These heroes remain strong to protect us and lead us towards the light of hope.

Holographic Lightfield (for Leia Lume Pad):
(Save with file name "Tate_2x2.mp4")


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