Scene #1 | Dreamcatcher

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Welcome to the Neurodigital Odyssey.

Step into the confined space of AI's mind-bending art scene, where reality warps and traditional concepts dissipate into a psychedelic vortex of pure creativity.
Brace yourself for an otherworldly journey into the depths of insanity, where every stroke of the digital brush is a mind-bending experience.
Neurodigital Odyssey consists of a selection of 1/1 artworks that are intended to provide the viewer with an immersive experience of the artist's mind and the chaos contained within its confined and dreamlike space.
The series explores a set of scenes within a mind that has lived on the brink of its breaking point for many years now, where chaos is not a mere expression in an otherwise orderly context, but rather has become a normal state that can function and be utilized as a tool for new forms of expression and interpretation of our surrounding world.
Scene 1# | Dreamcatcher
The first scene focuses on the relationship between dreams and reality and captures the realization that dreams are a form of IRL prompt outputs.
Stylistic framework:
For the purpose of this series a style was developed that is deliberately recognizable as AI art. The result can be considered a counterpoint to the increasingly perfect and clean images that AI tools now allow us to create, reflecting the many imperfections of the human mind.
Process and media:
This series is the outcome of a specifically designed multi-step process, which includes integrating personal diary notes into the inspiration phases/prompts, partially blending the resulting base images, and comprehensive post-editing using Photoshop and other editing tools.