A Crowded Galaxy

A Crowded Galaxy

Minted on Sep 4, 2021
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This piece is a fractal manipulation and was a new direction in my artwork. I am an acquired savant and synesthete and when this piece came to me, I could feel a vibe like the Jetsons. The planets were whizzing about and moving on their axis. A very funky way to experience synesthesia.

Partially generative and partially involving human interaction, my art is most often a various combination of both. This piece represents 5-6 computer applications and a workflow that is as unique as this piece of art.

Diana de Avila is a Digital artist, acquired savant & synesthete with "accidental genius" since 2017 after worsening brain injury. I've created >1000 works and am a Techspressionist. Scope: AI / generative / fractal art. She recently released a memoir/art book "Soldier, Sister, Savant" which shares the arrival of her art gift along with some examples of her art and how it has evolved.



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