Over The Edge

Minted on Dec 21, 2021
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This was a landscape I was yet to photograph before and I quickly became obsessed with this jagged coastline. I scouted the mountainous terrain for a week looking for the perfect composition to showcase this landscape under the night sky.

I hiked on top of the peaks and inside secluded coves spending nights never truly satisfied. I was always searching for more depth to compliment the land with the sky.

Navigating my way across the edges to a vantage point I previously shot from, I decided to rock climb the face of the cliff without considering the danger.

It proved to a bold decision as it was the perspective that made the vision of this image possible.

This is a 220° panoramic image showing the Milky Way arching over the dramatic cliffs of Hat Head National Park.

I was also rewarded with a colourful array of orange, green and red airglow radiating hundreds of kilometres in the thermosphere from excited oxygen, sodium and hydrogen atoms.

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