Intuitive Flow: VR Performance Genesis

Minted on Nov 10, 2021
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Intuitive Flow was guided by the sound and energy surrounding me during the creation of the artwork.

This VR artwork was created in front of a live audience and projected on a large screen at an event during NFT.NYC week for the NFTMe.tv series. Intuitive Flow is the finished artwork, completed over the course of a few short sessions totaling about an hour and a half performance. This was the first semi-public performance by Creatress, in front of a live audience and a DJ setting the tone.

The energy from within, the energy of city, the energy of the audience, and the energy of co-creation was all at play during the creation of this artwork. The vibrations from each applause, each voice, each heartbeat, each wave of sound coming from the speakers all affected the way this artwork emerged from the synergistic ether.

Created in Virtual Reality using the application Gravity Sketch for Oculus Quest 2. The collector of this artwork will receive JPGs and the GLTF file for their use.



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