Persona by Rony Hernandes

Minted on Oct 17, 2021
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Born from the question “what do you allow others to see of yourself?”, Persona by Brazilian photographer @RonyHernandes, 24, quickly became viral when it was first posted on social media in 2018. It went on to earn the photographer world recognition, winning an award from Canon and being still to this day constantly reposted on social media — most often without author credits — being one of the most shared photographs on Pinterest. To make sense of this memetic use and recognition, it is being released to the public domain (CC0 license) upon the primary NFT purchase.

3330 x 4309 px jpeg. Archival print included to primary buyer.

NU_NFT is an initiative to curate and launch to the NFT space marginalized artists from the 3rd world — where language and $ barriers are an impediment. We believe in the power of web3 to burn inequalities. Our proceeds go to further sponsoring new talented artists' genesis mints, onboarding artists and collectors for web3 and organizing NFT art exhibitions.