Brooklyn BBQ

Minted on Jul 22, 2021
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The most infamous image in the world of BBQ.

In 2014, James Beard nominated food writer Nicholas Gill noticed how restaurants around the world were imitating a BBQ spot in Brooklyn. Everything from the Edison bulbs and subway tiles to the style of the food was straight out of Williamsburg rather than somewhere with storied BBQ traditions like Texas. Finding it fascinating, he wrote a story titled "Why is Brooklyn BBQ taking over the world?" Few took notice.

Four years later, the story was shared on Twitter with this image attached. It went viral, offending much of the South. The Houston Chronicle and Washington Post wrote take downs of it. Even US Senator Ted Cruz mocked it. Gill regularly receives violent threats about it.

The reaction to the photo brings about more questions than answers, but there isn’t another image in the entire culinary world quite like it. Own a piece of BBQ history.

This 1/1 authenticated NFT is offered by Gill.

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