What if midday was at midnite?

Minted on Sep 22, 2021
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When we pass midnight, we are already grown up.

It is extremely difficult to be fully yourself in the daytime. We are being watched, and the looks are intentional.
While at night we are invisible, we shine. After midnight, the light is strobe, we diverge, twinkling. Comedy, if it still exists there, is more like a game. A game that reveals our authenticity. The night is a work of art, without tracing or repetitions.

In the dark, our beauty is revealed.
In the shadow, our algorithm models the morphology and the behavior of a plant development.

Inspired by the L-systems of the botanist and biologist Aristid Lindenmayer, introduced & developed in 1968.

In collaboration with Johan Lescure, creative coder.
🎙 Blasé
📷 Clara Bougon, Parade Studio
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