Bleeding Of Earth - Bleeding Of Lungs , Body_05

Minted on Sep 12, 2021
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The concept of "Bleeding Earth" is a conservation photography project, This is 5th body in this series.

The Forest, lungs of the earth bleeding due to vast deforestation and forest fire. Take the case of the world's largest rainforest Amazon, it has been deprived of around 17% of its lush wilderness in the last 60 years, mostly due to forest fire, monoculture, mining and illegal logging.

As per the report from WWF, the world's most ecologically important forest landscapes, including forest homes for orangutans, tigers, and elephants will suffer cataclysmic damage or loss (of about 80 percent) globally by 2030, Up to 420 million acres of forest could disappear between 2010 and 2030 in these "deforestation fronts" if current trends continue. The hot spots are located around the Amazon, the Atlantic Forest and Gran Chaco, Borneo, the Cerrado, Choco-Darien, the Congo Basin, East Africa, Eastern Australia, Greater Mekong, New Guinea, and Indonesia.

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