HERO #14

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HERO #14 is a unique NFT from Kris Ruhs Heroes Series. Oil pastel, oil paint, pencil on paper, 2021

While Kris Ruhs HEROES are non-existent creatures, springing from his imagination, each combines the real elements of our own feelings, and a variety of elements from existing creatures. They share their stories with the viewer who chooses to “see” them. They are adaptable characters who reflect a mood, or a dream; reflect our isolation; or create space for conversation.

Kris Ruhs has always been able to bring out the expressive potential of texture, materials, and color in his work. This ability has allowed him to successfully cross the usual boundaries between the three dimensions of sculpture and the two dimensions of painting. This ongoing dialogue between the artist and his materials leads Ruhs to use anything as a medium and adapt any technique to his inexhaustible imaginative process. As his work evolves over the decades, he keeps searching for other expressive possibilities.