dreams that died with me /with stamps & com use :)

Minted on Mar 12, 2022
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it's cold in here

this is a reimagination of a collection of artworks i designed while i was going through the darkest time of my life.
i was broke & i felt like a burden to my family.
they expected more from me but yet how harder i try, i couldn't deliver.
i wanted something to hold on to.
i wanted to get back on my feet.
so whenever i feel alone or down, i started designing things. because that's something i loved.

were the things i designed were perfect?

i never gave up. i wanted things to be perfect. like everyone used to think about me.

i have always done daily renders because end of the day i could always point out the things that would've done better.

but then one day it clicked me.
it's okay to make mistakes.
it's okay to not being perfect.
it's okay to be me.

every bidder of this piece will be given an special stamp via opensea.
holder of this artwork/token will have the commercial use rights for this artwork (each frame)
thank you!