Oil & Moss #01

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Herd of reindeers and chum (tent house) at summer stand.

Oil and Moss shot on 35mm film in Russian West-Siberian region KhMAO. Region produced near 50% of all country oil. In 2018 I visited KhMAO as a Greenpeace and #StopOilSpills initiative volunteer to shot what's happening with oil, pollution and Khanty (nomadic Indigenous people).

Oil-polluted water from spills in KhMAO, was used during film developing. Soaking film rolls in dirty water, oil randomly destroys emulsion, deformed it with spots, scratches exactly as harmed environment and Indigenous people land are deformed under the oil spillage.

Oil and Moss is awards wining project been exhibited in USA, UK, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Korea, Georgia, Russia, Finland.
Been published in few well known mags and newspapers such as Washington Post.
Nearest exhibition will be held from 13 January till 3 March 2022 in Centre photographique documentaire ImageSingulière, Sète, France

4096 x 2652 video.
00:36 sec. loop.



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