The Broken Hearts Saint

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The Broken Hearts WAL SAINT #003
Swipe right.
Swipe left.
Maybe you'll find me.
Behind the infinite faces.
There I'll wait.
Just for you.
I'll be your one.
You're only.
The one you've waited for your whole life.
Swipe right.
Swipe left.
Until we will meet.
We will flirt like teenagers.
I'll tell you about me.
You'll tell me about yourself.
We will fall in love.
We will love each other for the whole night.
Until we won't.
Until I'll get hurt.
Until the pain comes.
Then, only then, I'll cut your head off.
I'll eat it all.
Because I'm the saint, and you are the martyr.
I'll be your redemption.
Your "Broken Heart Saint."
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