Crossings (Houston) 1/25

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Crossings is a series of images depicting cities from a fixed position above common intersections which can be tiled together to create a quilted view of each place. In the Houston series, the rigid Cartesian grid of its urban center provides a uniformity that allows for the images to be displayed any number of ways with a similar sense of graphic order.

Drawing inspiration from photographers such as Bernd and Hilla Becher (and many of those that studied under them), Peter’s work aims to create a typological view of the urban condition of various cities as seen from the sky. By making use of newly available technologies, such as multi-rotor copters and satellite imagery for research, Peter is able to provide a visual commentary on the unique condition of each city, thereby creating a dialog between them.

More information on the project can be found at https://www.petermolick.com/crossings.

Crossings (Houston) No. 1/25, 2016. 3540 x 3540px. petermolick.com