Minted on Dec 14, 2021
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Sometimes, one can't help but marvel over the miracle of the world's mysteries.

These mysteries gleam everywhere, like bioluminescent creatures in the depths of an ocean, magnetic and magical, calling for an exploration. They reside within, woven into muscle cords and neurons just as intricately as through the fabric of the soul. They adorn the night sky just as beautifully as they soften the warm gazes of loved ones. With each beat of our heart, and with each step we take on this ultimate journey, we encounter them, and allow ourselves to be enraptured.

They thrive in light, just as they intensify the black brilliance of darkness. They are questions, answers and those who ask questions and receive answers. Whether awake or asleep, they are always there, weaving a sweet spell, singing a soft song, hands outstretched in an invitation, like a Goddess seated upon a starlit throne, peering down lovingly, a familiar face concealed behind an exquisite mask.