body scan ✦

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body scan ✦

a sheer feeling of being there, just there, noticing every cell, every vibration, every limb, every breath, every fluid which compose you and make you... you. you're there, your body is there, and it is all that matters.

“body scan ✦” is the 1st piece from my “radiance ✦” collection. It's also my first animated piece.

emotions area have always been a huge preoccupation to me. it's important to put words or images on what i feel in order to make the right choices in life. “radiance ✦” series focus on mindfulness practice with meditation.

painting: 17H - Procreate
animation: 13H - After Effects

bidders will be rewarded with a surprise “thankiu ✦” stamp. holding this stamp will give you exclusive access to any of my future projects.

auction winner will get the 1/1, a “thankiu ✦” stamp and another surprise.