The WOW Woman.!

Minted on Mar 8, 2022
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Time and Tech may evolve,

Art and Science advance by leaps and bounds,

But Woman, she always stood her ground against injustice.

In a wave of adversities, she has always been the calming shore.

In an air of the noises, she has always been the euphonic symphony.

In a world of men, she has always been the unconditional love & anchor of life.

Hey there, WOW woman,

Today I try to adore and adorn your colorful thoughts of mine.

A tumult of seven thousand shades run in my mind and

All I could brush down was the shine in your eyes.!

The artwork inspired by World of Women NFT #7072

Content: Mahesh Krishnan

1/1 Original Oil Painting on Canvas
Size – 24” x 30”