A Mother's Love

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These Southern Right Whales were cruising just ten meters from the shore of Warriewood Beach in Sydney. I arrived at the exact moment the mother's huge back appeared out of the shore break, looking like some kind of leviathan sea monster. At first, I couldn't fathom what I was seeing. When I saw her spout water into the air I couldn't believe I had hit the jackpot so big. Whales this close to shore are not something you see very often if ever at all. I unpacked my drone with my hands trembling from adrenaline and launched it, being careful not to spook them by getting too close. The next half hour was magical. They cruised up and down the beach amongst some very surprised and lucky surfers just meters from the shoreline. The young calf was hiding underneath her mother and coming out to play every so often. I was in awe watching the show from above and was able to get some amazing images and video footage of which the collector will receive with this NFT. A very special moment.