Minted on Sep 28, 2021
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On Christmas 1998, Brandon and Rachel Kuzma received a gift that would not only be the highlight of the day, but one that would change their lives forever. After furiously unwrapping the large package that lay underneath the tree, the future was unveiled. It was a brand new Nintendo 64. The siblings erupted in unbridled joy, and it was all caught on film.

8 years later, Brandon rediscovered the footage, and after minimal editing he posted the video to a web forum he was a member of. After someone from the forum re-uploaded the video to a new website called YouTube, it was picked up and aired by a VH1 TV show called Web Junk. The Nintendo 64 Kids had arrived. Memes and high profile placements followed. 25 million views later, it remains an all-time classic.

N64 Kids has been digitally remastered for the 25th anniversary of the release of the Nintendo 64, and is offered as a 1/1 NFT by Brandon and Rachel. The initial owner will receive the actual N64 from the video.

2850 × 2118 Pixels