10k Project

Minted on May 7, 2022
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10k Project is a commentary on the dominance of profile pictures (pfp) as NFT culture.

NFT collectors and traders are nudged by 10k project founders to swap their Twitter profile picture to spread the initial success of their project.

Most 10k projects receive a flash of prominence, yet only a few make to be perceived as a blue-chip success.

Less obvious, is how many of us bond with our profile picture beyond its trade-able value and keep it as our new Web3.0 identity.

Shown in this 1/1 artwork titled ‘10k Project’ is the pure diversity on show across the many 10k projects created to date.

Each square of pixels represents one of 10,000 frens who followed @mintfaced between April 2021 and April 2022 because NFTs are people.

Can you see your Web3.0 identity anon?

Title: 10k Project
Artist: MintFace x Matthew Hirschey
Resolution: 4800 x 4800
Size: 22.9Mb