Geodetic Moment

Minted on Jan 27, 2022
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The planet is covered in Geodetic Markers, also called survey markers to mark key survey points on the Earth's surface.

They are often founded at the summit of high hills, offering a contemplative moment to their visitors.

This 'Geodetic Moment' is a study of our inner selves, and how a shift in perspective is all that's needed to completely change what we see.

This 1/1 artwork was selected from a study of 100 Geodetic Moments minted over many months beginning during the 'JPEG Summer' of 2021.

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This place has become sacred for the artist to visit to stay connected to the most special people in his life.

Artist: No
City: No
Day: Saturday
Direction: Forwards
Geodetic Marker: Yes
People: No
Sea: No
Stars: No
Sun: Yes
Sunset: Yes
Time: 8:01 PM
Weather: Volcanic

Look to the horizon and measure where you stand.

Look forward and see what’s possible.