A Brief Moment

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A Brief Moment by Michael Boegl

Back in 2018, I was just a normal dude & couch potato. However, I felt I had to turn around my life entirely. I decided to backpack Sri Lanka for a month with one of my best buddies. I had never done anything like this before and tried be spontaneous and leave my comfort zone.

After two weeks in Sri Lanka, we ended up in a beautiful town called Ella. We decided to hike up the mountain Little Adams Peak at sunset and when we got to the top, a huge cloud front came up and it started to rain heavily. When the rain got lighter, I got my camera out of my bag, completely soaked, to take a few pictures. A short time later, the clouds began to open and for „a brief moment" the setting sun shined through. It was as if a gate to another world opened and the sky literally began to burn.

There are so many emotions and feelings associated with this moment, which I have tried to pack into this one picture.

Like the moment, this image will only exist once.


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