Ellensburg Blue & Rainbows

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My 80 year old Auntie, Lightning Feather Woman, from the Colville tribe told me a story of how she received her medicine name. It was a dream that she received from a very rare stone, Ellensburg Blue, which has two matrixes - the one she owns has a lighting bolt on one side and a feather on the other.

These stones are actually petrified water from ancient tree roots. They are only found in our area and hard to come by in the wild.

Auntie also sent me some of her watercolors so I digitized them. After agreeing to collaborate with me she shared a dream she had of my medicine name MetzilMazatl (Moon Deer) and I illustrated what she saw in her dream.

Together we create a blend of Native American beauty and art. Together we share unbelievable stories of the impossible. Together we exist on the blockchain. We are still here. From the Colville, Quinault, and Chichimeca tribes.

50% of the sales from this collection goes to my Great Aunt Clara a.k.a. Lightning Feather Woman.