Imagining the future with optimism is a prerogative of the human being.
And it has fundamentally been this innate optimism that has guided humanity through its growth, development and progress. However, this optimism has recently failed, leaving ample room for pessimistic visions.
The future is seen as something scary: climate change, wars, pandemics and the advancement of technology that could start to become a serious problem in a few years.
In this project there is what could be life in 79 years on this planet.
The explanation of the dualism between humanity and technology of a world now lost.
An interactive work, in which the observer is the protagonist.
What will happen in the next few years? What will life be like on our planet? Can we still save ourselves from the abyss we are approaching, or are we forced to sink?
My work is an invite to humanity, a story that hides a message of hope.
4000 x 6000px
1 of 1 NFT.