The boy who fell to Earth

Minted on Nov 18, 2021
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The story speaks about Thomas, a boy from the stars, who comes to Earth to save humanity from their worldly, and completely destructive behaviors, carrying a message of peace.

Humans being are blinded by social constructs such as religion, power, money and greed.

This boy, coming from an idyllic planet unknown to earthlings, will be able to change the way we perceive reality and our behavior on earth.

The whole message is aimed at those who haven't fallen yet into society's traps.
This boy is made up of youthful, fresh and futuristic human feelings, of dreamlike visions, and future solvable mysteries.

He represents hope. He is something that awaits us, and he is much more similar to us than we think, and the message he's carrying is reassuring because he is made of our same dough and he is even afraid of upsetting us. He is delicate, careful and sincere.

This is what young people feel, the new proposal, their future.
It's an image that is internalized by each of us.