Primordial Humanity

Minted on Nov 5, 2021
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This work wants to tell the most primitive, most primordial anguish, from which humanity has not yet ceased to defend itself: the anguish of the unpredictable.
To defend itself from the unpredictable, humanity has always looked for a cause that would allow us to predict the effect, and when this cause was not available in nature, it looked for it in an individual or collective guilt, to bring back the punishment that fell on the individual in the community.

Today humanity has reached a level of rationality that has no comparison with previous eras and, thanks to this rationality, it has found remedies for many evils. But the unpredictable is always threateningly at the door.

I think of that unpredictable that does not depend on a lack of knowledge as in the dawn of humanity, but on an excess of knowledge that creates a world so artificial as to irreparably compromise the natural world.

It is the human race that makes life on Earth difficult.