The Message is Resilient

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Tracing shadows creates the score and opens the stage for the symbols embodying solidarity and a plea for change. Carefully crafted, the durational performance on asphalt is the presence in the absence. I couldn’t be there, so I fully immersed myself in the most public space closest to home, (the alley below my apartment) drawing —lines in dialogue with building outlines cast. Moving and weaving space from morning to sunset, activating the framework for a message to the sky.

Time-lapse captures and compresses the document of a process, a place, and a message now imprinted in the blockchain. The audio composition expands it while enhancing the threshold between two scenes.

Scene 1 opens the stage —delicate lines mapping time create the scaffold for the message to come.

Scene 2 colors between the lines.

Sound art collaborator/composer: Liz Lang