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The first full-scale drawing from the Asphalt Drawing Series.

It began as a conversation with the flickering shadows on the asphalt below my apartment during quarantine. This living full-scale document nourished me with movement and oxygen. Though temporal, it lasted for several days as a palimpsest of lines drawn, volumes created, and space inhabited in the sore muscles of my previously inactive body.

The impromptu activity as inhabitable drawing, performance, installation and meditation invited interaction and interplay with others in quarantine while transforming the materiality and dimensionality of the street. The audio composition references the spatio-temporal dynamic qualities of the expanding spaces created, and the fleeting dialogues and interactions that took place.

Now this temporal document has a place to exist long-term - on the blockchain - as an auditory and visual moving drawing which can be played and replayed.

Sound art collaborator/composer: Liz Lang