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This piece is full of personal symbolism. In a way it’s a nostalgic self portrait.

‘Deep Blue’ has several meanings; the deep blue sea, the deep blue colour of this fish, or a deep blue feeling or depression.

Siamese Fighting Fish make me nostalgic for a time when I wasn’t very happy but was doing what I loved. At university I studied Zoology, specialising in animal behaviour. During one experiment we studied the behaviour of these beautiful fish. It was completely humane, no fish were harmed, we just observed. I was in a depression at the time, these mesmerising fish were like therapy for me.

Majorelle blue is my favourite colour. It swallows me up. I stopped using it in my work because I couldn’t print it, but now I’m creating art to be viewed on screen I can use it again and it makes me so happy.

So this Deep Blue is a reflective happy place.

A 1/1 original artwork by me, Kate Philipson.

JPEG 5000 x 5000