What Is Black

Minted on Jul 23, 2021
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What Is Black, 2021
Medium: Video (color, sound)
Duration: 0:09

What Is Black is a collaboration between the Kris Graves (artist), Ghetto Benny (music), and the anonymous model. The project consists of:

  1. One video including 25 distinct portraits. The video will be minted at Foundation.app. The first collector of the video piece will receive a portfolio of all 25 prints (signed, numbered) at 8x10".

  2. 25 color portraits from each scene from the video. The stills will be minted at OpenSea. The first collector of the single images will receive one print (signed, numbered) at 8 x 10".

No further prints will ever be produced from this project. I will hold the final set for institutional acquisition.